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Our production is characterized by the processing of solid woods such as walnutchestnut, cherryoaklindenpoplar

The company maintains the traditional method for seasoning wood, which involves drying in the open air, placing the boards protected from the weather in layers separated from each other by a cavity, so that the air dries them evenly.

Before being used by us, the wood is dried or “seasoned” so that the moisture content is reduced approximately to the values of the atmosphere in which the furniture will be kept. Seasoning reinforces the wood, decreasing the possibility that it will expand or retreat, when it has already been worked and the various pieces will be assembled.

The shape of the piece of furniture is determined by the structure, also called frame, on which the discordance is applied. It is very important that the tone in the furniture is solid and well smoothed. The dovetail joint is still used today, which gives resistance to the structure of the drawers.

The final substance is solid state beeswax. After spreading it in a thin layer, it is left to rest, waiting to be rubbed with a cloth.