The Furniture Lorenzini boasting an experience from over a century, we are specialized in design of kitchens, furnishings for house, offices and shops.

Our trading was forged in a family tradition, availability and professionality are a guarantee for our customers. We also offer some free services such as measures environments, estimates and we providing an after sales service assistance.

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About us

The “Lorenzini Mobili” Enterprises is one of the oldest and well organized in the production of handmade furniture in the area of Cortona. With our 10 employers involved, the company is now at his fourth generation.

“Lorenzini Mobili”  owns a design firm to accurate the study of models. We continuing to revive the traditions and the rich experience gained over the years, without forgetting the creativity that the artisan can give. We build with precious woods such as chestnut, walnut, poplar, linden, oak etc with the addition of lacquered finishes and aged decor.

The company history

Lorenzini Mobili company was started from great love between Lorenzini Antonio and Carlini Cesira. They had a total of 24 children, all gradually became part of the company.  The photograph above is  fantastic document from 1909 who immortalized the families at work.

Year run, the success increases as the business and 0n 1963 the company was awarded with one of the most great recognition of that time, the diploma and the gold medal, offered by “the Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo” for the 87 years of continuous business.

The satisfaction is great and all the brothers now married and not anymore young are  joining their children’s to the company. On early 70’s due to  market demands  the company open two new selling shops one in Cortona and one in Camucia accomplishment a great successin the following years the “Lorenzini Mobili” gain another prestigious award  the Certificate of David d‘oro” to state quality of the company, this prize seal of the company as the best one in Tuscany.